Our first tour!

Hi there folks!

Right now we’re in the car, heading south from Gothenburg (it’s us and Oscar Lundberg, our dear friend and bassplayer). We started our tour as opening act for Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion in Stockholm at Södra Teatern (The Last Waltz) this Tuesday. It was a wonderful evening and it was a true pleasure to meet Sarah Lee and Johnny who have been touring Europe for a few weeks now. They also brought their two sweet daughters along on the road and suberb musicians Zeke and Charlie. We love their Sarah Lee and Johnny’s music and it’s a treat to get to hear them every night…

Yesterday we drove down to Gothenburg and played at Woody West at Pusterviksbaren. The audience was very welcoming and we had an intimate set, loved the vibe there. Tonight it’s Malmö and Debaser on the schedule, then tomorrow Copenhagen and Loppen (Christania). Wiii! Here are some pictures from the road.

Hugs and kisses!