Live at Heart, here we come!

On Friday we’re going to Örebro, the good old shoe-city! It’s true, Örebro was actually famous for it’s many shoe factories during the turn of the 20th century but now it’s definitely Live at Heart that attracts attention.

Live at Heart is a city festival where bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs open their doors to welcome live acts during two days. And we’re one of those bands! Our partner Rootsy kindly invited us to take part in a fantastic line-up and we’ll be on stage on Friday, September 16th, at 7 pm at Clarion in the city centre.

More great news: we’re going on a mini-tour as opening act for superb folk-duo Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion in early October! This is a MAJOR step in the history of The Harvest and we hope you’ll support us by coming to the shows. And if you can’t come then just let people know, we appreciate all the help we can get! The cities we’re visiting are Stockholm October 4th (Södra Teatern), Gothenburg October 5th (Woody West at Pusterviksbaren), Malmö October 6th (Debaser) and Copenhagen October 7th (Loppen). Listen to the main act here: and a picture below.

Sarah Lee & Johnny

Take care dear friends!

/The Harvest