A new light (and a clip from Christiania).

Hi friends!

Have you noticed that it’s getting brighter by the day here in Stockholm? We’ve finally made it to the other side of winter and spring is approaching! Sure, I know it’s snowing outside but still… There is light!

Linus is home again after surfing in Marocko and we’re back at the kitchen table with the guitar and pen at hand (and food and drinks to make it all even more enjoyable), writing songs for our up-coming album. Some really good tunes coming along… We are hoping to have a gig soon when we’ll try our new material, more on that real soon!

Have a great day and we’ll send you off with a clip from Loppen in Christiania (Copenhagen) during our autumn tour with Sarah Lee and Johnny; us and Oscar Lundberg doing a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. Enjoy!

Big kiss,

/The Harvest